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Website & Commerce Platform for Automotive

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Trusted by OEM, NSC, Importers & Retailers from over 90 countries
Inchcape and Reffine cooperation
Winner Automotive and Reffine cooperation
Jaguar and Reffine cooperation
Land Rover and Reffine cooperation
Wallis Automotive Europe and Reffine cooperation
Borusan Oto and Reffine cooperation
NIC. Christiansen Gruppen and Reffine cooperation

Create great customer experience among all your local websites

Reffine CMS
Reffine DXP

Build Glocal Presence

Digital Experience Platform dedicated for
global automotive brands
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Reffine Stock Locator
Reffine Stock Locator

Sell Stock Online

Commerce Platform dedicated for
automotive industry
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Reffine - Efficiency


Reduce implementation time and cost and benefit from our solutions to provide consistent and scalable digital experience.
Reffine - Flexibility


Scale your global ideas with our enterprise approved products. Cooperate closely with our technical support for best results.
Reffine - Autonomy


Bring power to your local teams. Generate market-specific, up-to-date content consistent with global brand guidelines.
REFFINE approach

Digital Experience Redefined

Reffine-Cost efficient

Cost efficient

Optimised solution to deliver you maximum efficiency at scale by cutting total cost of ownership.
Reffine-No-Code editing

No-code editing

Create local websites using visual editor and blocks defined by a global team.

Refined processes

Local changes are implemented independently based on global brand framework.
Reffine-Brand Compliant

Brand compliant by default

Reusable blocks concept ensures that websites are always fully brand compliant.
Reffine-Distributed Instances

Fully distributed instances

Multiple independent local instances based on one framework.
Reffine-Modern Technologies

Modern technologies

Platform based on modern and popular open-source solutions.
Reffine - Flexible Hosting

Flexible hosting

Websites and content are hosted on Reffine Cloud™ or your dedicated infrastructure.
Reffine-Easy opt-in

Easy opt-in

Lightning-fast onboarding and dedicated support resources.
Reduced Maintenance and Implementation Costs
Customer Story

Reduced Maintenance and Implementation Costs

Learn how Jaguar and Land Rover scale the delivery of consistent digital experience in 90 countries using our platform.
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Outsource Technological Complexity
Reffine Tech Stack

Outsource Technological Complexity

Don’t bother about global servers, CDNs, security – we already covered that. Corporate baselines, integrations, GDPR or analytics requirements will not be an obstacle to your growth.

Let’s discuss how we can partner with you in glocal scaling plans

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