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Streamline your digital showrooms with AI at scale

Customizable and Secure AI-Driven Tool for OEMs to organize images and enhance the user experience.
Available as an API for seamless integration with multiple tools.

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Streamline your image management

  • Save time: Automatically organize images in a fraction of the time it would take manually, reducing tasks from hours to mere seconds.
  • Optimize workflows: Free up dealership staff to focus on more valuable activities by minimizing the time spent on routine photo sorting.
  • Work at scale: Efficiently manage thousands of images across multiple locations, ensuring quick updates and consistency at scale.
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Manually With AI Image Sorting
Organizing photos Typically requires significant time and varies from one location to another. Done automatically, saving dozens of hours of manual work while ensuring consistency.
Recognizing cars and parts Time-consuming and prone to human error. Precisely identifies car parts, whether interior or exterior, and understands different angles.
User experience An inconsistent order of photos can negatively impact the user experience. Makes the visual presentation of vehicles more appealing and standardized for users.
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Ensure consistency and best quality

  • Deliver a consistent brand experience: Maintain a uniform look across all dealership outlets to help strengthen brand consistency.
  • Reduce errors: Reduce human error and variability in how images are displayed, ensuring a professional appearance every time.
  • Elevate marketing efforts: Improved photo alignment and sequencing make online listings more attractive and easier to navigate for your customers.
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Adapt it to your needs

  • Make it yours: The tool is tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring the AI performs optimally with your specific image sets.
  • Save money: Our solution avoids recurring fees for image sorting. The model is trained specifically for your needs and hosted on our servers, reducing costs related to computational power and maintenance.
  • Adapt flexibly: The capabilities can be expanded to accommodate other applications as needed.
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Trained on over 200 000 car images. Adapts to specific organizational needs.


Operates on your data, not exposing it externally or to any third parties.

Seamless Integration

The AI tool operates as a white-label solution and can be integrated directly into your existing systems.

Workflow Overview

Image Processing Steps
  • Image Upload:
    First, you upload car images to the system. These images don't have to be organized or sorted in any specific order.
  • Image Recognition:
    Once the images are in the system, the AI model starts processing them. The model is built using deep learning techniques, particularly convolutional neural networks (CNNs), which are highly effective for image recognition tasks. It recognizes various features of the car, such as whether the car is viewed from the inside or outside, the angle of the photo, and specific parts like wheels, dashboards, etc.
  • Classification:
    Each image is classified into predefined categories. These categorie, which include front view, rear view, interior, exterior, driver’s side, passenger’s side, etc. The model assigns a probability to each category, indicating how likely it is that the image fits that classification.
  • Sorting Logic:
    Based on the classification probabilities, the tool applies a sorting logic that can prioritize certain types of images (e.g. front views or interior shots) to appear first in a listing, as these are often more important to potential car buyers. The sorting criteria can be customized depending on the specific needs of your business or user preferences.
  • Optimization and Output:
    The sorted images are then displayed in the CMS in an optimized order that enhances the user's browsing experience. This support quicker decision-making for potential buyers, improving their interactions with the inventory system.
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Use AI imaging technology to streamline your car sales process

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