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Our Story

Who we are?

As many successful businesses, our company started by accident & luck back in 2009 when Reffine acted more like interactive agency. Now with almost 15 years of experience as trusted website provider for global customers we know how to surpass the challenges of building and managing digital presence at scale. And on top of it we help our clients to understand and manage website quality aspects such as speed, SEO, UX or security to become the first player in their industries.
What we do?
Our Values and Culture

We believe in leadership, not hierarchy.

First and foremost we provide equal access to opportunities and resources for everyone as they are. Also, whether if it’s dev, customer service or business team, our values are universal:

  • Be efficient - we are always looking for ways to work smarter, not harder. Both for our teams and our customers.
  • Be proactive - we keep our eyes and ears out for any opportunities worth seizing, for any projects that clients can benefit from, and risks that need mitigating; good things happen not to those who wait, but to those who make them happen.
  • Be honest - we have a zero-bullshit tolerance policy - better a bitter truth than sweet deceit. Do the right thing, even when it’s hard.
  • Think big - we think global. we think disruptive, we execute with full passion. We are pushing limits and imagining the impossible. Life’s too short to think small.
  • Be profitable - profit is a necessity, not a goal. We cannot deliver long term without profits short term. We believe that we should get paid fairly for the work we do. It allows us to keep the company stable and independent. This way we can grow our employees, products, and customers.
Our way of working

Reffine's project management lifecycle

Working with our clients has significantly improved our ability to innovate and execute projects at a faster pace. The team's approach is not just focused on fulfilling your specific requests, but also on providing additional value.
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Proactive approach to customer needs. Planning the initiatives globally from start to finish.
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Coordination of global rollouts from dev deployment to user implementation and training.
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Monitoring and evaluating of delivered results. Looking for growth opportunities for customer.
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Constant self-improvements. Ongoing product development.
Our leadership

We are Reffine family: innovators and passionates.

Reffine team consists of proficient people with experience in working both in smaller projects aimed at quick business results and in complex development projects covering the entire website life cycle.

Adam Wardach

CEO, Founder

Tomasz Badowiec

CTO, Co-Founder

Małgorzata Badowiec

COO, Customer Success

Justyna Rafalska


Agnieszka Drogoś-Woźnica

Martyna Kozłowska

Martyna Kozłowska


Barbara Brandt


Grzegorz Korzeniowski


Piotr Bąkiewicz

Customer Success - EU / Analytics

Bartosz Trzmielewski

Customer Success - Overseas

Wojciech Mańczak

Project Delivery

Where Hard Work Meets Fun

We're not just colleagues; we're a close-knit crew that knows how to achieve goals while enjoying the journey together.
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