Business focused AI for web quality

Insights is an AI-powered tool that monitors your business KPIs
to alert you when technical issues with your website impact your campaigns.
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React quickly

Saving Campaigns,
One Alert at a Time

  • Receive highly accurate business alerts pinpointing the technical nature of issues.
  • Get prioritized alerts based on the financial risk presented to campaigns.
  • Take immediate corrective actions.
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potential lost traffic cost
ROI Focused

Preserve Your Profits with AI

  • Get AI-driven insights into the financial impact of identified tech issues.
  • Receive an estimate of how the financial impact of various larger and smaller issues accumulate.
  • Understand which issues are costing you the most money.
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15 years
of experience

We are a company with experience
in website development and monitoring.

by Reliable Sources

We work with Elastic Search based AI

8 million
page views

We monitor millions of page views every month.
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find the cause

Agency vs. Developer Responsobility

  • Identify business issues, flagging those that originate with developers. React quickly.
  • Get a clear distinction that ensures accountability, which is often diluted.
  • Think beyond generic error notifications. Regain focus.
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Use case scenario

You launch a large PPC campaign

You notice that bounce rates went up and conversion rates dropped, costing you money. What you might not know is that your landing page's UX was uneven – when traffic peaked, the infrastructure hiccuped.

Unless you have Insights. It would spot the issue and shoot you an alert. You would take swift action, rescuing your budget

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Use case scenario

You launch an Always On campaign

It encounters a disruption in conversion values due to a background tech update. Forms stopped sending leads. It means you might be losing potential clients.

Unless you have Insights. It would spot the issue and shoot you an alert. You would take swift action, rescuing your budget.

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