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Range Rover Sport launched across 88 country websites
Learn how to launch global car premiere in 7 minutes across local markets.
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Success snapshot

Global Product Launch

Reffine carried out a global launch of the new Range Rover Sport model across the 88 country websites covered by the Reffine Light DXP solution. Thanks to the smooth cooperation between EU-based Reffine Content Team and Jaguar Land Rover the global launch was done in 7 minutes.








The Jaguar Land Rover Need

The smooth global launch of the new Range Rover Sport model across the 88 markets
covered by the Reffine Light DXP solution, all within minutes.
Jaguar Land Rover


  • Company name: Jaguar Land Rover
  • Brand name: Land Rover
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Founded: 1922
  • Location: Over 170 countries
  • Employees: Over 39000
Launch timeline

Launch stages

The Range Rover Sport launch took place in 2 stages:
  • April 25 ‑ Launched a teaser page across 88 websites (importer pages)
  • May 10 ‑ Official car premiere across 171 websites (importers and retailers)
Range Rover Sport landing page

Why is the car world premiere so important?

Launching a new model means a great deal of marketing and PR efforts that go into the launch promotion, often including a live car presentation. Everything needs to be synchronised, including information about the new model on all the websites around the globe.

Website Challenges to Launching a New Car Model







country specific


Challenges and the Reffine Solution

Challenge #1

Launching instantly at scale

The official launch is your time to convert excitement into signups and sales, which means launching your new model across all target websites in minutes instead of hours or days. Any delay results in lost interest which leads to fewer signups and ultimately fewer sales, all multiplied by the number of sites that are not current.
Range Rover Sport global launch

Hard to schedule

A synchronised global launch is difficult to schedule for a few reasons such as:
  • Delays on the live premiere
    These live events can last over an hour and you don’t want to reveal the car online before it is shown onstage.
  • Different time zones
    There are 37 different time zones worldwide, some of which have times that differ by 30 or 45 minutes. Countries with multiple time zones can be especially tricky, so you need to watch which ones you use.
  • Instant user access once the webpage is published
    Clearing cache/CDN worldwide during high peaks of traffic is challenging from the SysOps perspective but absolutely critical as users will watch the live stream with a cached version of the site that will not include the new car.

Launching instantly at scale with Reffine

Reffine content team

Reffine Light DXP & Reffine Content Team

Once the Range Rover Sport was revealed during the live event, the Reffine team published the prepared web pages with all the information regarding the new model.

Sounds easy but it required a great deal of preparation beforehand, coordination with local markets to get the pages ready, and with the internal Reffine DevOps team to make sure pages were published instantly.
Challenge #2

Many platforms and local agencies

consolidation reffine dxp

No consolidation means more work at lower quality

If each country’s website is set on a different Digital Experience Platform or Content Management System, then it becomes very difficult to coordinate a synchronised global launch. Ensuring the same quality across all countries requires a great deal of time and coordination if the sites are not consolidated under one umbrella. More parties involved increase the possibility that some confidential product information or images might be leaked.

Reffine Light DXP helps with consolidating websites

Reffine DXP automotive

Reduced Maintenance and Implementation Costs

Reffine Light DXP is implemented across the 88 countries and 171 websites, mostly Tier 2 markets, in which Jaguar Land Rover is present. Following implementation, whenever a new model needs to be launched globally you will only need to prepare one new webpage according to brand guidelines that can then be easily implemented across all websites. The Reffine Content Team serves as a partner that can take over a lot of coordination, implementation, and maintenance.

Keeping fewer parties in the loop is important for confidentiality as the fewer parties involved, the less chance something is leaked. Reffine is a reliable partner that keeps all the information confidential and makes them public only after embargo is lifted.

Coordination of translation and implementation

Jaguar Land Rover prepares the information globally and provides toolkit designs along with copy and media that then must be translated for local markets and implemented on local websites. With 36 languages spread across the 88 countries of operation, translating a teaser page, car model page, pricing, etc. can mean a huge amount of preparation.

Challenges with translation

  • Coordinating worldwide is time-consuming - you need to plan ahead, keep on schedule and communicate back and forth.
  • Last-minute copy changes - centralised translations means faster copy updates, but difficulties with local native speaker validation. Usually, this means it is easier for the local market to implement quick changes themselves.
  • Technical language - local translation agencies and local native speaker verification in advance guarantees the highest possible quality approved by people operating in the industry and who know the product and brand. It is especially challenging with languages such as Arabic, Vietnamese, Chinese Traditional, Thai, or Hebrew where it is impossible for an English-speaking person to even visually check that something has changed.
country specific information

Country specific implementation

Each country has its own specifics that must be taken into account:
  • Price lists in the local currency
  • Car specifications tailored to local needs (e.g. in some countries diesel cars are not available, or hybrid cars in others)

There are also some differences in sales strategy between countries. Some markets focus on selling just the new model while others, having old models in stock, want to try to sell them first. All of them still need to follow brand guidelines but appreciate having some flexibility.

Reffine Helps with Coordination

Reffine is more than just a Digital Experience Platform provider. Our EU-based Content Team supports clients with their implementation needs.
We take over coordination from Global Digital Managers. Working from the global launch requirements, we coordinate with local regions to ensure a seamless launch to local markets. On our end, this means thorough and detailed project planning and execution to have everything on time and ready for the official launch.
Reffine approach global car premiere
Land Rover above & beyond

Fast and flexible

Our approach to the translation process is fast, more flexible, and provides higher quality.
After receiving the new car model toolkit, we prepare the translated files and send them to the country representatives who then either translate themselves or cooperate with local translators. Most importantly, they are able to check the quality of the translation in their native language which can then be implemented on our end.

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