The political role of Great Britain in modern world


The prospects of the British co operation with other states.

As a matter of fact there are only two alternatives of the British foreign political development. The first one is changing nothing but England should know nowadays most political analysists agree that soon playing the role of a sort of a oikumena, the US will exert itself to the utmost. The American industry and production cannot compete with the European ones not only in the world but even in its domestic American market. It is the beginning of the political and economic degradation of the USA without which the U.K. means nothing. And it is out of question, no European state will want to deal with the former American satellite. The British future is awful, I think.

But there is the second way: a very close both political and economic co operation with the Eurounion. Well, and what would Great Britain be able to propose? firstly, the reorganization of the NATOs troops into the Eurounions ones, liquidation of the American military bases in Europe; secondly, substituting dollars for euros in golden currency reserves of the European states.

But what way will Great Britain prefer? Time will show.

Well, you see I have proved my hypothesis. In my work I have come to the following conclusion unconsoling for Great Britain:

It does not run its own independent foreign policy, being the USs puppet;

Its pro American position antagonizes other European states;

The British government must change its foreign policy as quickly as it is possible.

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This way I have put forward the following hypothesis: the political authority of Great Britain is nominal nowadays.

To prove it I have used the following methods of getting the material:

Case Study



Making Conclusions

Making Comparisons and Analogies.

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