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Last year I read Leo Tolstoy’s cycle of novels “Sevastopol”. It consists of three novels “Sevastopol in May”, “Sevastopol in September” and “Sevastopol in December”. This cycle is devoted to war between Russian and Osman Empire War (1854-1856). I think it is rather interesting book to read. The description of Sevastopol in it is rather realistic. The author knows the subject well as he himself was there as a young officer. (it is an autobiographical novel). But I dislike Leo Tolstoy’s language (his manner of writing long sentences which occupy at least 2-3 rows. So you even can forget the beginning of the sentence when you come to its end). I have bad memory for names but I clearly remember that all heroes are divided into two groups: 1. which are brave and work themselves to a frizzle every day, who fight for their native country and are ready to die for their native country.2. which aren’t brave? Those for whom war is just a way to get new ranks. The plot of the text: the story of young officer who came to serve at the artillery in Sevastopol, description of hospital (of operation: doctor cuts of hand of young soldier), description of 6th battalion(hardest fights, bravery), sorrow of soldiers leaving Sevastopl.

I would recommend this book to read to students and pupils who learn the history of the first part of 19th century.


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